Training Your Dog to Use the Porch Potty

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Yes siree, Bob! Now even apartment and condo dwellers can have a dog without having to worry about bathroom trips outside. There is a great alternative to daily walks to the park or around the block. I’ve done my research, and this is the best of them all.

I’m talking about the Porch Potty! This is the ultimate solution for urban dogs and their owners. Why? Well, the Porch Potty is:

photo* Easy to use. It’s the only self-cleaning canine potty box on the market.
* Convenient. Your dog will only have to walk to the balcony or porch to do his business.
* Affordable. Say goodbye to costly pee pads or replacing your lawn due to urine burns.
* Proven. Hundreds of happy customers have confirmed how quickly their dog started to use the Porch Potty.

If you live in a condo or apartment, not having a yard for your dog can be frustrating. You have to take him out several times a day down the stairs or an elevator. With the Porch Potty, it’s like having a piece of yard on your porch, deck, or balcony.

The Porch Potty comes in two models: Standard and Premium. The former has a drain system, while the latter has the drain plus an automated rinsing system. Choosing between the Porch Potty Standard and the Porch Potty Premium is easy. If you don’t have a hose connection, go for the Standard version, which you can water manually. Just pour a gallon of water over the grass one to two times a week.

Whether you go for the Standard or the Premium model, the included synthetic grass is great for years of use; it stays fresh and odor-free with clean water poured over it. The synthetic perforated waterproof nylon grass looks and feels like the real thing. To flush urine, simply water the grass with a watering can or the Premium built-in sprinkler. The liquid waste will go down the 14-foot drain tube, which you can lead to a nearby rain gutter, floor drain, or planter area. No flimsy pans that need emptying here!

Still, the best way to train your dog to use the Porch Potty is with real grass. You can use the special soil-less training sod for the first three weeks of training, then switch to the synthetic version for years of maintenance-free grass.

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