Things to Consider When Downsizing

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Whether you are downsizing your home or altering your living arrangements as a dog owner, the changes will definitely seem strange to your dog as there would be restrictions to their freedom. This could make them react strangely; therefore, you must put your dog into consideration when there is need for you to downsize your home or living arrangement.

These are some of the basic things you need to do in order to help your dog when downsizing your home:

1.     Restrict the movement of your dog even before moving into the downsized apartment

To create an environment that resembles that of your downsized apartment, restrict the movement of your dog even before moving into new apartment. Simply get a dog crate and use it to restrict your dog movement to give her the opportunity to become accustomed to smaller living quarters.

2.     Create a new routine

Once you move into the smaller house, create a new routine that can easily help your dog get accustomed to the smaller house or living arrangements.

3.     Explore the new environment with your dog

Exploring the environment satisfies her curiosity and makes her feel at home. Guide her along the way and teach he what areas are off-limits.

4.     Train your dog

Train your dog to make her understand the rules of the downsized house. If there’s a different door where s/he should let you know when she needs to go to the bathroom, then gently train her and remember to reward and praise.

5.     Create a personal space for your dog

Locate a corner within the house and create a personal space for your dog, so that she can have a place to relax. Foods, water, toys and other essential things should be within her reach.

6.     Create a playtime with other dogs

Scheduling playtime with other dogs within the same building or looking for a nearby dog park are ways you can expand your dog’s environment. However, you need to know your dog’s personality. S/he may like the company of other dogs or may prefer not to socialize.  Please be mindful of that.

The downsizing of your house or living arrangement should never restrict your dog from still enjoying time with and around you. Remember, change is tough for everyone – the two-legged and four-legged alike.

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