The Shocking Truth About Dog Litter Boxes

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Dog litter boxes seem very simple. They come in a variety of sizes to accommodate a variety of pups. They use litter, but can also use puppy pads and newspaper. And there’s not really any moving parts or anything to break. It sounds so simple that any dog should be able to use it. That is not always the case, it seems.

Training takes time

Dog litter boxes actually require a little more finesse and time spent on getting your dog to use puppy litter. Newspaper training is required (not the funnies, so that you can read them later), which is slowly transitioned towards actual puppy litter. Then you may need to use incentive sprays, even though the litter is already scented. Pups like the feel of grass and leaves when they go, it’s something natural perhaps, but seldom will a pup poop in sand or loose dirt like materials unless they feel they have no choice.

It can get a little stinky

As you can see, this process is somewhat time consuming and complicates the use of dog litter boxes. Though they are simple, they tend to accumulate odors far quicker than you might think. This means that you have to invest in deodorizers, scented equipment (plug-ins work best, avoid candles so your pup doesn’t singe their nose or toast their tail) and enzyme based odor eaters. You’ll want to avoid any harsh cleaners like ammonia or bleach that will deter your pup from using the area. Though they will get rid of the smell, you may end up with a pup that doesn’t want to use their litter box anymore.

Of course, the purpose of an indoor litter box does have its advantages. While it can be hard to train and maintain, it does lighten the load of worry you have when you’re at work during the day. Even during the night while you sleep, you don’t have to worry about your pup using your carpet when they can’t get outside.

If you’re considering indoor plumbing for your pup, be sure that you’re completely aware of the pros and cons of dog litter boxes. Make sure that it’s the right choice for you, and the right choice for your pup, too.

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