The Secret Of Puppy Potty Training

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The potty training process can be difficult to manage unless you’re aware of a few simple secrets that you should practice with your dog. Potty training all comes down to a technique, and if you don’t have the right one, the process can be that much more difficult.

Scheduling is the first place to start with your young puppy. Dogs develop habits very quickly, so feeding, watering, sleeping, and ultimately potty time will all become a scheduled part of your dog’s day. This is why it is important to feed them on a scheduled time slot. If you know when food goes in, it will be easier to know when it’s going to come out.

Body language is another powerful tool for potty training your pup. As your dog’s owner, it is important that you pay attention to how they act and the way they move, not just for potty training, but for health reasons as well. Many dogs will know that they have to go, although younger puppies don’t always have complete control over their bowels. But, more often than not, dogs will give you signs that they need to go potty. It is up to you to pay attention. Some of the most common signs are waiting at the door to go out, sniffing around in a small secluded area, or even circling (it may be too late). They may even come and get you when they need to go out, which can be mistaken for the desire to play. Pay attention to what your dog is saying.

Building a bond is yet another secret that is often overlooked. Many people take their dog’s relationship for granted, but one of the best tricks to helping a dog associate potty time with outside is the “walk.” Taking your dog for a regular walk helps them relieve their bowls much more easily through the effects of movement and exercise. It also gives your dog plenty of time to take care of business while outdoors.

Teaching your dog the right way to behave in your home all comes down to spending time with them. The secret is that you need to spend quality time on feeding, exercising, and listening to your puppy.

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