The Art of the Start

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Puppies are awesome. They bring us happiness and companionship. But, there is the important part of training them. Their mind is young and fresh, taking in every scent, sight, and act that takes place. You have the chance to teach them whatever you want, and while that’s the best part, there is also the tediousness of the process. Everything is going to have to be taught. You can’t expect to drop that young rascal off and hope he knows where to get food and go potty. It takes some time, but with a little patience and a lot of love, anybody can learn the art of the start.

Teach that young dog some tricks

photoWhen they’re young, they remember everything you teach them. But, it is your reaction to what they do that makes the impact. If you react positively to them using their potty area, then they’ll remember that it’s good, in fact, okay to go there. It’s often in the smallest hint that these puppies learn, wanting always to please you.

The best direction to start is positive reinforcement. Tell them when they are being good (rather, show them) so that they understand what they’ve done is what they are supposed to do. When they do something wrong, make it known to them. The early stages of learning are full of trial and error. Don’t take mistakes as a sign of disobedience, they are still learning and it is up to you to guide them properly.

Tools to help

Luckily, there are a few tools out there to make training a little easier. Pups will instinctively not want to potty where they eat or sleep, so using a crate to help enforce the potty location (outside or grass litter box) can help things along.

Teaching them the basics

Since everything you do will let them know if it’s right or wrong, it’s best to not do anything to spoil them (at least for now). Slipping them some table scraps may quickly lead to begging and would make it very difficult to break later on. As for the potty area, using a command phrase such as “Go potty” helps them associate your voice and words with it being “good” to potty where they are.

All of your teaching should start immediately, when their mind is fresh like a sponge, waiting to absorb every moment that you spend with them. Though it may seem like they aren’t ready to learn, they have already learned so much since you met them- that you both are going to be the best of friends.

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