Submissive Urinating

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Charlie rushed through the grass. He enjoys being a puppy and exploring this vast world. The Johnson’s back yard was of course the most interesting thing he had ever seen. So many smells in the air and even these interesting insects that were ever so evasive.

photoMrs. Johnson called for Charlie to come, which he eagarly did. Back inside, the smells of the great outdoors faded away. He loved Mrs. Johnson and enjoyed her company. He propped his paws up on her knee and began to furiously lick her hand. But, with the moment passed, Mrs. Johnson returned to unpacking her groceries.

That’s when the kids rushed into the kitchen, searching for their own goodies to get into. The youngest dipped down to offer Charlie a gratuitous pet of affection, to which the little rascal tucked his tail and let loose a stream of timidity. Charlie knew the children were part of the family, but was still a little fearful of them. Whenever someone other than Mrs. Johnson touched him, or even tried to, he lost control of his bladder. He didn’t want to, but it’s just that he was uncomfortable with them.

Mrs. Johnson, concerned with Charlie’s problem, decided to do some research. She soon found that although Charlie was smart and had quickly picked up every bit of housetraining they had taught, he was having problems with “submissive urinating.” Something was making him feel uncomfortable, causing him to lose control of his bladder.

To help Charlie cope with becoming familiar with his new home, Mrs. Johnson decided to get a Porch Potty for him to use whenever he needed to so that he could keep his bladder empty at his own convenience. As his family helped him adapt to his new home and try to make him more comfortable around them and even friends that visited, his grass litter box was there to provide an easy access potty area.Getting him used to his new family has been a challenge, but with some love and affection (and a few treats), Charlie learned to get along with everyone- and get over his submissive potty problem.

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