Salt for Snow and Ice Tough on Paws

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The season for snow and ice is here and it could be one of the most challenging times for dog owners. To keep ice and snow from sticking to pavement, individuals and even communities begin using rock salt.  This salt is capable of keeping ice and snow from sticking to the pavement due to its ability to reduce the freezing point of water; however, this could be harsh to the paws of your dog.

When you walk your dog on pavement, driveways, and even parking structures treated with rock salt you are exposing the paws of your dog to irritation, especially if the dog stays too long on it. Once their paws are exposed to the salt for too long, irritation will make it dry and signs of cracks will start showing. With the burning sensations felt around your dog’s paws, she may begin to limp while walking. If you walk on any surface treated with rock salt, take careful care to protect your dog’s paws.

As the paw of the dog becomes irritated, she might be forced to lick it. If the salt is ingested, the dog might experience vomiting, oral irritation, nausea and persistent drooling depending on the quantity of the salt ingested. Therefore, the salt used for keeping ice and snow from sticking to the pavement can be very harsh on the paw and other parts of the body of a dog, and you might just want to avoid it altogether. Although, it might not be easy if you live within the city where most flat services are treated to protect the human population.

If your dog is at risk of being exposed to the salt, it is important for you to learn how to protect her from the potential dangers.

·        Get fitted dog boots

Dog boots can prevent your dog from being exposed to the salt and any other potential chemicals and irritants they might encounter.

·        Clean the paws after touching ice and snow

Each time your dog comes home after touching ice or snow on the pavement or roadside, be sure to clean her paws. Cleaning her paws will get rid of the dangers of the salt.

·        Avoid pavement with the salt

Avoiding pavement with rock salt used for deicing ice and snow is highly recommended. However, avoidance of such pavement is not usually possible.

·        Use other alternatives for getting of ice and snow

Instead of using salt to keep ice and snow from sticking to your pavement, use other methods to take care of the pavement. You might need to resort to using shovels to remove the snow and ice from your pavement. And, you can also use electric snow blower to take care of your pavement.

Be sure to protect your dog and keep her healthy this season.

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