Reviewing Environmentally Friendly Cleaners

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There is a wide variety of cleaners out on the market. From the classic ammonia based cleaners (don’t use them on a puppy stain, they’ll attract a puppy to potty there again) to the more critter friendly formulas that are a little more environmentally aware. These cleaners are formulated and produced with the specific attention to being friendly to the environment, and being friendly to our pets.

photoAnti-icky Poo cleaner is possibly one of the most favored amongst pet owners. It has the ability to eat just about any odor and get rid of any smell. The formula doesn’t just cover up smells, it will actually clean soiled areas to get surfaces scent free for puppies. Even with a potent ability, it isn’t harmful to our four-legged friends and is environmentally friendly.

Purely Pets Spray is a product of an entirely all natural pet products company. They pride themselves on ensuring that not only is everything safe for friendly critter use, it is also completely biodegradable. While it may seem that a 100% all natural formula might not have the cleaning power to eliminate tough smells and scents, the enzymes they use to complete their product does extremely well and has promising results.

Zoomies is another environmentally friendly cleaner that does a good job of eating odors at the source. It doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals that would irritate your pup, so it can be used on fabrics, such as a messed bed, or even your shoes that were the victim of an encounter of the potty kind.

TURFtastic has made an impact on environmentally friendly odor eaters. The formula is designed to be potent enough to use on grass litter boxes to eliminate smells. At the same time, it doesn’t detour a pup from using their potty. It’s completely biodegradable and absolutely safe for pets, people, and children.

Not all cleaners on the market are safe for use around pets and on certain surfaces so make sure that you read the label before you use anything on any surface. These cleaners are a far safer and better solution to your puppy cleaning problems, and will also help keep things a little greener around your home.

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