Real or Synthetic Grass?

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Grass litter boxes have become an extremely valuable addition to many dog households. Many of these products offer both synthetic and real grass as options for their litter boxes. But what should you get? What grass will be the right for both you and your dog?

Real grass provides a natural feel for your dog’s paws and nose. While many synthetics can come close to matching the look and feel of real grass, the natural smell often gives a dog the comfort of familiarity. This is why natural grass is an attractant that helps during the potty training process. The benefits of using a natural grass patch for potty training, even if you plan to use synthetics in the future, can help a young puppy quickly and instinctively learn the proper place to potty. There are chemical incentives available to help puppies familiarize a potty area, but nothing quite matches the instinctive nature that is already built in, making natural grass a premium choice, especially for potty training purposes.

Real grass can also provide a common medium if you plan to transition a dog from eliminating outside to an inside only environment. Particularly, this would be most advantageous if you live in a house with a yard and are moving to an in-town apartment with limited yard accessibility. A dog can easily become confused when their habits have to change, and natural grass will give them something to familiarize with to avoid any messy situations. You can also go the other way with it, say you’re going to teach your dog how to use outdoors as well. The familiar feel and smell of grass helps them associate where they should potty.

Many grass litter boxes are formatted to allow for grass sod squares from the local hardware store to fit as a replacement. Rather than worrying about cleaning a synthetic mat out with cleaners and costly enzyme formulas, you simply remove the old patch and set a new one in. It makes maintenance easier and quicker so your pup doesn’t have to wait around to use the bathroom.

Real grass has its own unique characteristics that give it an edge against synthetics. When it comes to giving your dog a comfortable and familiar place to potty, the natural option is a premium choice for both owner and dog alike.

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