Rascal Dog Litter Box’s Little Squirt

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Grass litter boxes can range in a variety of sizes. The Rascal Dog Litter Box has produced a size-specific box for our tiny friends. The Little Squirt is a small grass litter box, designed to appeal to Toy and smaller breeds of dog.

The potty only measures twenty three inches long by sixteen inches wide and is strong enough to support up to an eight pound dog, giving smaller dogs the right amount of room to do their business without taking up large amounts of space in your home. This is the ideal solution for small dog owners who want to provide indoor plumbing, but don’t have a lot of room to do so, such as apartments and condos.

The quality of the Little Squirt is fairly good. The box has lifted sides, with an opening in the front to allow small dogs to get in and out. Although the lifted walls don’t allow easy mounting from the sides, it does prevent spraying or overflow when your dog potties.

The incentive qualities of the grass are built in, helping initiate the urge to use the potty. Unfortunately, the rubber material of the box seems to have a slight inclination to absorbing incentive or urine sprays. It would be recommended not to use any strong cleaners or sprays other than enzyme based cleaners to clean the box.

Cleaning isn’t as difficult, although there is little room for storage at the bottom. But for the size specific design of the litter box, this may not pose much of a problem for an eight pound dog. The grass is machine washable in cold water, although there have been some problems with it.

The grass is synthetic based, allowing for a long life expectancy, but doesn’t seem to hold up as good as it should. When washed, whether by machine or hand, the material seems to break apart, losing some of the grass blades and fibers. This may not seem like much of a problem at first, but if the grass began to break down too much, you may have to replace it. Unfortunately, the price for replacement grass is somewhat expensive, so that can be a drawback.

Overall, the Little Squirt design by the Rascal Dog Litter Box is something that can prove useful for those smaller dogs that we enjoy so much. If you own a Toy breed, this potty can make your dog’s potty experience a little more enjoyable.

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