Pup Head Review: Hard to Go?

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There are several grass litter boxes on the market, each trying something a little different. The Pup Head grass litter box is no different in attempting a new design. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to be the idea that they wanted to achieve. The low profile design is supposed to make it easy for a pup to walk on, as though it were no different than the floor, and proceed to do their daily business. But is it really that hard for them to go?

photoProbably not. The design of the potty actually eliminated the reservoir that is supposed to catch puppy liquids in an attempt to appeal to “dog laziness.” Though it is lightweight, that would be inherent when you’ve eliminated parts of a device. Without a good reservoir to draw potty away from the mat and surface, the filth would eventually build up. Then, if left unmanaged, it would eventually lead the pup away from it. Have you ever gone into a porta-potty that hasn’t been cleaned in a while? It’s pretty nasty and no one wants to use it anymore. The same thing goes for your pup. They don’t want to be walking on day old potty while their trying to do their business.

Coincidentally, most owners have a pup that has already been potty trained, and therefore understand the difference between potty areas and no-potty areas. The latter being your carpet and kitchen floor. What may actually make it hard for the brand new pup (cute and curious as they are have yet to become clever) is that the Pup Head’s design resembles a casual spot on the floor. There might be some incentives (scents and sprays) but most young pups have not yet leaned the differences. Appearance does affect a pup. They use all their senses to learn when their young, and sight is one of them. The low profile of the potty resembles a rug, so who’s to say that your kitchen mat won’t be the next victim of your pup’s stinky poop.

When you consider what the Pup Head potty is designed to do, and what it actually does, they are two different things.

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