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We can’t spend every waking moment with our pups, even if we wanted to. Proper training and preparations are necessary to help your pup cope with being alone. So, in order to help the process along, there are tools that may prove helpful. Knowledge, of course, is your primary tool, but there are other devices and products that should help ease training and bring comfort to your pup during alone time.

A pup’s personal space

photoThe crate is going to be one of the best tools for preparing your pup to be alone. While it may seem like locking your pup in a cage is mean, it doesn’t have to be. The crate can either be a “time-out” spot where they feel they are forced to go, or it can be a sanctuary for them that offers security. How you treat the crate will affect how your pup responds to it. Introducing your pup to it slowly, a little time spent in it during the day, will help your pup adjust to being alone.

Toys and treats

Here’s where toys and treats will be useful. The good old rawhide chew toy never gets old, so if your pup is in the cage, it is important that they aren’t lonely. Tossing in a few of their favorite toys and a few treats will keep them busy while they’re spending their time alone.

There are unstuffed toys available for pup’s to play with, some with squeakers that can drive you a little crazy while you’re home. But since you won’t be there, it’ll probably be a great activity for your pup.

Some toys, referred to as stuffed Kongs, can have a treat inserted into them, creating an experience in which your pup has to remain active to get at the goods. After a while, your pup may even begin to expect these toys and treats when it’s time for you to leave, making the separation a positive experience rather than an unsettling one.

While crates are useful, some may even prefer to have a separate puppy room that is designated for your favorite companion. A comfortable bed and even their own grass litter box will provide them with the necessities to enjoy their time alone, and later, perhaps even become a little more self-dependent.

Remember that these tools are there to help you prepare your pup to be alone, helping them to adjust and learn that you aren’t always there, but you will always be back.

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