Potty Time During a Storm

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The thunder rolls, and so does your pup- seeking sanctuary beneath the bed or under the couch. A pup’s fear of thunder is a fairly common condition; loud unexplainable sounds can frighten a dog, especially with their sensitive hearing. But what are you going to do when it comes time to go to the bathroom? Tossing your pup out into the storm isn’t exactly going to make them go potty (and it isn’t very nice). It will take some effort and understanding on your part to help them deal with their fear.

Signs of fear

photoWith the first thunder crash and drops of rain, you may find your pup dashing for sanctuary under your bed or in their crate. It is nothing to worry about as it is often normal for such a reaction. The hard part is going to be coaxing them outside, and even harder may prove to be the actual fulfillment of potty time. Keep in mind that wet grass and wet cement aren’t exactly the most comfortable place to potty (think about that last wet toilet seat you sat on). Try staying close to walls and off walkways. A bush or under a tree are great places to pick from.

Potty options

Consider also the grass litter box as it can keep you and your pup from wandering the torments of the storm in search of a decent place to do their deed. A dry spot on the porch or even in the house can offer your pup the ever so kind option of indoor plumbing we take for granted.

Help your pup deal with the storm

When the thunder rolls, try distracting your pup from the surrounding noise. Playtime and activities are a good way to start, and can help your pup associate the storm with positive things. Drowning the sound out with music or television also can help the process along. Just remember not to excessively soothe or punish your pup for being scared as it will only make them more insecure about the storm.

Another trick that is handy is desensitizing training. Here you would need a recording of storms and noise that you can play consistently during other normal activities. This will associate thunder and rain with everyday occurrences that are not threatening.

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