Porch Potty for Small Dogs

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Grass litter boxes have become a popular addition to many dog owner homes throughout the world. This is perhaps because there are so many different grass litter box designs available on the market. Some designs are versatile while others appeal specifically to certain dogs.

Porch potty for dog ownersIn order to appeal to certain dogs, the Porch Potty has proven to be one of the best designs for smaller dog breeds and even young puppies.

The unit is conveniently designed for your smaller dog by utilizing a low barrier. This, combined with four square feet of potty area, provide the needed circling and eliminating area that your small dog needs. This combination provides plenty of reservoir room but is still low enough so that a smaller dog can easily get on the potty unity to take care of their needs.

For convenient maintenance, the deluxe versions of the Porch Potty utilize a sprinkler system that keeps the grass fresh and clean while washing any excess debris down into the large reservoir. This is great for dog owners that work long hours and aren’t able to clean their dog’s potty every time it has been used.

Take into consideration the safety and needs of your smaller dog. Extreme weather can prove a hazard for any creature, but when it comes to hot patios and soggy grass, smaller dogs are often a little more susceptible to the extremes. An indoor potty unit also helps eliminate the risk of dog theft, which has become an increasingly large problem in recent years. Smaller dogs are easily stolen and often make easy targets for thieves.

The advantage of the Porch Potty is that your small dog doesn’t have to go outside or face the weather to go potty. No more singed paws or a dog that ends up soaking wet and tracking mud back into the home. Additionally, the Porch Potty can also be placed outdoors, such as in a shaded and sheltered patio area. This provides a versatile selection for your dog so that they can have plenty of choices for their potty needs. Of course, when used indoors, you can sleep in without worrying about waking up with any accidents to clean.

The Porch Potty is the ideal solution for smaller dogs. Providing both a location to potty and a safe haven that prevents them from having to face outdoor element extremes, it is designed to make everyone’s life a little more convenient.

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