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These days, our pups can also enjoy the comforts of indoor plumbing. No more frozen winter tundra to navigate in search of a place to squat for business. As the grass litter box grows in popularity, more innovations are appearing on the market. The most recent is the Pet Loo from Australia. It’s indeed an awesome design, featuring easy maintenance and durability.

Flushing the Loo

photoPossibly the best part of the Pet Loo is its easy maintenance. The device seems to be entirely designed to make clean up as easy as possible. The synthetic grass catches your pup’s poo, so all you have to do is pick it up and dispose of it via your own toilet or your enviro-friendly puppy compost container. To keep things fresh, just pour warm water across the grass daily. With the grass mat removed, you can rinse the base the same way. The cool part is that the base is designed to funnel your pup’s liquids directly into a removable tray for quick and easy disposal. Now instead of having to manhandle an entire potty, you just pull out the container and dispose of properly.


The base is definitely tougher than most. Aside from being designed to funnel everything down into a container, it’s built to withstand any pup. The weight limit is rated at 300 kilograms, which is over 600 pounds, so no matter how heavy your pup gets (too many treats?) the Pet Loo can hold its own. If your pup needs more room to squat, the Loo can be pushed against a second box without leaving any gap to ensure that everything gets in the potty. The entire device is composed of materials that are acid resistant to provide a long life of service to you and your pup.

The Pet Loo is definitely a great grass litter box for pups of all sizes. If you’re on the market looking for some quality indoor plumbing for your pup, then the Pet Loo is one that you should definitely look into. It’s easy for you and easy for your pup.

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