Keeping Your Dog Safe When Out on a Walk

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The fall season is one of the best times to get out in the afternoon and enjoy a brisk walk with your dog. And even though the weather is nice and cool (especially good for paws), it’s important to always keep safety in mind while you’re out and about.

Remember that safety applies to the both of you, so it’s important that you consider what will be necessary to prepare yourselves for your next enjoyable fall walk.

Ensure visibility

One of the biggest issues is that it’s going to be dark out earlier than usual. Sure, it’s cooler, but it’s also going to be harder to spot someone at night. You could always take a walk earlier in the day, but that isn’t always an option with our busy schedules.

Having safety equipment is a must in this case. It’s important to be prepared- both you and the dog. If you’re going to be walking around dusk or after dark, be sure that you can be seen. Reflective vests can be found at local hardware stores, but bright clothing in general improves visibility. Avoid wearing black.

Consider your dog’s attire as well. Dog safety reflective vests are becoming more popular, and work very well, even if they’re just running around the back yard. You could always make your own from a child’s vest and a dog harness though. Reflective tape on a dog sweater works as well.

Other options might include glow sticks. You can tie it to their leash or collar so they can be seen when moving around at night (especially when they go potty). Also, don’t forget to bring a flashlight for yourself.

Stay safe

Number one rule: Don’t walk in the street! Never believe that traffic can see you, even if you are wearing clothing that is clearly visible. Stay in areas where there are designated sidewalks and crossways. Not everyone pays attention to what they’re doing, so it’s best simply to avoid them.

It’s best to create a plan before your walk, such as areas you will go through, stop, or plan to visit. Never leave your dog unattended (such as in the case of leaving them tied up outside while you go into a shop to get a snack). They can be easily stolen. In all cases, stick to well-lit areas where you can be seen and where you can see everyone else.

Additionally, don’t let your dog off the leash until you are in a designated area where your dog can be guaranteed safety and security (such as a fenced-in dog-park or your home).

It’s your task as the dog’s owner and protector to ensure they remain safe at all times. Take into consideration when and where you will be during your walks and make sure that you can be seen while you enjoy good times during one of these cool, fall evenings.

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