Keeping Puppies Flame Free

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With summer in full blast and southern cities already reporting temperatures over 100 degrees, fires are starting to highlight the news once more. Though wildfires are pretty easy to avoid, home fires are often unexpected and completely accidental, especially when you have pets. Even a harmless but curious pup can lead to a hazard. This summer, whether you’re home or away, remember to keep your dog safe with these tips.


Closely Monitor Open Flames

If you do like lighting candles, make sure they are always lit and under continual supervision. Even pets that aren’t curious of the flame may inadvertently knock them over with an ill-aimed tail wag. In addition, if you’ve put a flame out, make sure it is completely out, going so far as to douse it with water if necessary.


Protect Stove Knobs

Though not a worry for little dogs, the bigger ones can reach up higher than you would imagine, posing a threat for ovens where they can reach the knobs to accidentally turn the stove on. This is actually the top cause of house fires started by pets. Prevent this by removing knobs while away.


Don’t Use Glass on Outdoor Decks

With the hot sun beating down, glass bowls act as magnifying glasses, concentrating the sunlight into a focused beam that can set a deck on fire. Instead, use bowls that are either stainless steel or ceramic to avoid this issue completely.


Check Outside for Hazards

This is especially important if you are in a new area. Just because your home might not be a fire hazard doesn’t mean your vacation spot isn’t. Look for the typical things such as exposed wires or piles of combustible garbage. The fewer ways you have around you that could become a fire, the less of a chance you’ll have to worry about your dog being burned.


Keep Them near the Entrance

Should the worst happen and you have to wait for a firefighter to enter the home to save your pet, you’ll give them a much easier time if you keep them in an area near the entrance. However, crating isn’t always a good idea as dogs left in crates tend to face injury much more often than dogs that have the freedom to move away from a flame.


Put a Leash at the Front Door

In addition, always make sure your pooch is wearing their collar. With the leash at the front of the house, first responders will have an easier time getting your pet under control and out of the building. This keeps your pet from bolting out of the door, allowing the firemen to lead them safely to safety.


Know Where They Nap

If you’re in a vacation space, your pup will probably find a new, hidden place to take their daily siesta. Make sure you know where this is just in case you have to tell the firemen where to look for your friend.

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