If I Flee, I Pee

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It’s no secret that dogs are not the biggest fans of loud noises. From fireworks to vacuums, nothing can send a dog into terrified shivering quite like the power of sound. Unfortunately, this means that even during something as simple as a thunderstorm, you can find yourself cleaning up urination spots no matter how house broken your dog is. Fortunately, this behavior can be stopped.

Be With Them

Unlike your pet, you know when thunderstorms are on their way through weather forecasts. In the event of an oncoming storm, be with your dog. If you’ve ever noticed them hiding under furniture, shaking, whining or otherwise exhibiting signs of distress, you know that what comes next isn’t something you enjoy cleaning up. By spending this time with them and watching them, you can monitor their actions, stopping them from having an accident before it happens.

Stay Calm & Play On

The best thing you can do is both remain calm and happy while engaging your dog in playtime. A big reason dogs become so frightened of the loud noise is that they at one point in time associated it with something bad. To break this thought process, you need to teach them otherwise. By engrossing them in tug of war, fetch or maybe a calm brushing, you’re teaching them there is no reason to be so frightened. After all, you’re not frightened, and you’re the alpha of their pack.

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