How To Take Care Of Your Dog In Summer

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Summer season is the time when the dogs are at their best mood apart from feeling hot. They are in playful mood and want to have all the fun that they have missed during the chilly winter months. But you must not forget to keep your dog cool in the rising temperature. The dog owners mostly complain of heatstroke, sunburn and dehydration during the summer months. If you possess little knowledge and take some measures then summer hazards can be avoided and your dog will stay protected. After all, prevention is always better than cure.


Keep Your Dog Always Hydrated


When battling with the heat, dogs of different breed have different needs. You should remember that dark colored coats absorb more heat than the light colored coats. Dogs that are overweight are at higher risk. Make sure to carry a bottle of water while going out with your dog for a walk. There are innumerable online shopping portals that sell designer pet products. So, when it comes to buying a bottle for your dog, buy a designer one. You will find a wide variety in the online shopping portals.


Never Leave Your Dog Alone In The Car


The car that is parked retains more heat when compared to open area. It is the major mistake that most of the dog owners does. There are several warnings on this particular issue. The temperature inside a parked car rises very fast. If you are going out with your dog, never leave the furry baby inside the car and if you plan to do so, then must keep someone with the dog in the car. The person can make the temperature suitable for the dog.


Make Use Of Sun Protection Cream


If you are new owner of a dog, then you will be amazed to know that dogs too have sun protection cream. Before you take your dog out for a walk in the scorching heat, make sure to apply the sunscreens all over them and it does the same work as it does on the humankind. Take your dog for a walk either early in the morning or during evening time. Prolonged exposure to sun can lead to heatstroke. Look for a shady place to rest between the exercises and carry lots of water. Protect the feet of your dogs from getting scorched. So make your dog wear shoes. You will get it under the designer pet products category in online shopping portals that sell exclusive products for the pets. The best activity for the dogs during the summer months is swimming rather than going for a walk during the summer months.


Never Take Your Dog To Any Events


It is highly recommended that during the sultry summer months, you should not take your dog to crowded place. It will not be suffocating for your pet but can also lead to dehydration and exhaustion. Moreover, in crowded place, food lies on the ground and if your dog consume it, can lead to poisoning.


Thus, you must take the above-mentioned measures to keep your dog protected during the summer months.


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