How to Litter Box Train Your Dog

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Potty training can be a troublesome task without the proper tools and methods. But, when it comes to teaching, or even retraining, your dog to potty in a litter box, you can run into a few extra problems. But, as long as you remain focused, persistent, and patient, you can quickly and effectively train your dog to use its litter box.

The first step is to control the situation. Crate training is possibly the best technique. Dogs instinctively do not want to potty where they eat or sleep. You can take advantage of this by limiting their accessibility to the rest of the home by gating off certain areas or secluding them in a crate. However, it is important to remember that a dog relies on a schedule and can’t hold it for extended periods of time. Be sure to allow them proper access to their potty area to enforce the training.

This also brings about the concern of placement of your grass litter box. Because accidents do happen, it would be favorable to choose an area such as the kitchen or other tiled area that is easy to clean. Also, be sure that you utilize enzyme based cleaners that will properly eliminate any bad odors resulting from mistakes. Ammonia based products can actually entice a dog into urinating or marking the cleaned area.

As your dog’s owner, it is also important that you are able to recognize the signs prior to elimination, such as circling and sniffing. When your dog begins to show these signs, be sure not to scare or spook him when you guide hiim to the correct potty area. Instead, funnel him towards the litter box and positively affirm that this is the correct zone with your potty command word and praise.

Also, consider that the choice litter box for dogs is the Porch Potty. This unit can be universal for teaching both young puppies and older dogs. Utilizing an excellent grass and potty format, the unit is designed to be attractive to dogs and easily maintainable by their owners.

Teaching your dog to use a litter box doesn’t have to be a difficult task. By choosing the right methods and a quality potty unit, you can be assured that your carpet will remain safe from puppy harm.

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