Happy Holiday Travels

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With Halloween right around the corner, stores are already sectioning off areas for Christmas decor, signaling the start of the holiday season. Though traveling is always as exciting as it is exhausting for us, your canine companion requires some extra love and attention to make sure they don’t go barking mad.


Bones, not Roams

If you’re traveling by car, the only safe spot for your pup is in the back seat either locked in a safety harness or safely secured in their carrier. While you might think it’s cute to let Buster wander back and forth, roaming around the car is a terrible distraction that can lead to accidents. Even worse is that in the event of a crash, an unsecured dog will not be protected. Keep everyone safe and keep your dog in the back.


Happy Hounds

Make sure your dog has all the water and food they need to stay happy. Driving and flying are long processes that can leave even the most steadfast of us weary. If it can tear us down, imagine what it does to your dog who doesn’t understand the purpose of this travel stress. When possible, make sure they get regular potty breaks and have enough room to stretch their legs and reposition themselves. While traveling can be stressful, it’s a lot more fun when they’re not wedged into an uncomfortable position for hours at a time.


Planes, Trains and Security Policies

Don’t think you can get everything you need to know about bringing your pet with you on an airplane or train online. Be proactive and directly call the company to get the information you need. While some allow for in-cabin pet booking, there are many that don’t even allow for pet travel, let alone accounting for breed and size restrictions. Make sure you are entirely clear on the rules before purchasing a ticket. No one wants to have to cancel their flight because their dog wasn’t allowed.


A Penny Saved

The cost of traveling with a pet is rarely calculated into the holiday budget, making it a potentially nasty surprise once bills are due. Instead of getting caught unawares, start prepping for pet costs now. If you’re driving, this will usually mean higher hotel rates. If you’re flying, the additional price added to your ticket is over $100 each way. On top of this, you’ll need to get a carrier and possibly medication to keep your pup calm.


The Early Bird

Make your plans now. Everyone travels during the holidays, resulting in packed bookings, higher prices and stressed out employees. By making arrangements now, you can guarantee that your dog will meet the animal quota for the airline cabin or that you’ll have a large enough rental car to fit your St. Bernard. You will also rest easier knowing you have a pet-friendly hotel room in a location that’s convenient to your travel destination.



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