Happy Apartments for Older Pups

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Not all new apartment dogs are spry young pups that need regular outdoor walkies and constant attention. Many are of the older variety. Though a bit more sluggish, they nonetheless require just as much love as the little ones. Many even require a few modifications to keep the apartment safe for them as they transition to their golden years.


Keep Treatment the Same

Moving is just as stressful for your pooch. After years of one way of living, a sudden change can cause heaps of anxiety. Do what you can to maintain a regular schedule with food and exercise. Keep their favorite toys nearby. Let them hide if they need to or allow them to stay at your side.


Bring in a Bathroom Box

Dogs can be litter trained just like cats. If your older dog no longer has unrestricted access to the outdoor world for their aging bladder, there will likely be more accidents. Set up a safe place they can go if the urge comes on too strong and they’re stuck inside.


Set Up Ramps

If there are steps in the new apartment, add small ramps along the sides. Just like us, your older dog’s joints are going to really start hurting them. The less they have to jump or climb, the better it will feel. Though a stair or sofa might not seem big to us, just imagine how large it is for an animal that’s at least half your size.

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