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We all run into busy days and playtime malaise. Sometimes we just can’t give the time we want to our best friends. Other times we get bored of playing fetch. It’s simply a normal part of being a pet owner. However, this doesn’t have to lead to a boring relationship between you and your dog. Making things exciting again is up to you.


Workout Woofer

They say our pets resemble us. This being the case, it should come as no surprise that pet obesity is rising alongside human obesity. In fact, over 50% of all pets are packing on the pounds with 66% of Americans following suite. In order to fight this, get your pup to push around weights with you. The best part is that they’ll soon become your motivation to move every day.


Hiking Hound

No matter where you live, there are miles of hiking trails nearby. From the mountains of the Pacific to the swamps of the Atlantic, nothing brings you closer to nature than a secluded hike. Here, you’ll enjoy fresh air and exercise while your pooch gets to enjoy a myriad of new smells and trees to mark. Maybe they’ll get to bark at more than just a pigeon or squirrel. Just remember to have a good flea and tick repellant, especially during summer months.


Picnic Puppy

Dog parks are great for socializing both you and your pet but can end up being boring, reducing the amount of time you let your dog run free. To mix this up, find a dog-friendly park and plan a picnic. Bring food for both you and your canine companion so you both can enjoy some frisbee, fetch and intermittent food breaks.


Business Buster

If your company permits it, why not bring your buddy to work? Even if it’s one day out of the year, your pet will love the change of scenery and meeting new people. More than that, though, they’ll enjoy not having to sit in a kennel all day. They’ll also force you to take regular breaks so you can take them on a quick walk around the neighborhood and stretch your own legs.


Caring Canine

Sometimes the best time is spent helping others. For this, reach out to local nursing and retirement homes. Feel free to even reach out to hospitals. Full of people that would love to experience the company of a dog and a person, these animal interactions are well-documented for helping people heal. Give back to the community together.


Proper Pooch

As intelligent animals, it should come as no surprise that dogs don’t enjoy being bored. They love challenges and love being rewarded for overcoming these challenges. Fulfill that intellectual itch through more training. No matter the tricks they have down pat now, there’s always something new they can learn.

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