Dog Litter Box Review: Patio Park

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There are various designs of puppy plumbing out on the market, with no two exactly alike. The Patio Park indeed has its own unique qualities, focusing primarily on a completely natural feel for your pup’s paws.

The Patio Park has been around for over a decade, aiding as a training tool and potty solution for pups of all sizes. The 2’ x 4’ grass area offers an abundant amount of space for your pup to comfortably do their business. The total length of the unit actually reaches 56 inches to provide room for water reservoirs on both sides of the potty.

These reservoirs are designed to hold water specifically for the grass. In order to keep the grass healthy and ensure long life, all you have to do is keep the reservoirs filled with water and the irrigation strips do the rest.

Since real grass won’t last forever, replacing them is inevitable. Luckily, since the grass section is basically two 2’ x 2’ sections, Patio Park recommends that when it comes to replacement time, just head down to the local hardware and gardening store to pick up a couple of grass sections. It is definitely better than having to order replacements online and stocking up on replacements when you need them in a hurry.

As an option, the Patio Park does offer an artificial turf that is washable and reusable. It comes in handy if you run into a bind and grass is unavailable, or it offers a solution to having to replace natural grass all the time.

Because of its natural feel, the Patio Park offers an excellent solution to a transitioning pup. If your pup has been used to frequenting a yard where grass is abundant, and you’ve recently moved into an apartment in the city where grass may be hard to come by, the Patio Park offers the familiar feel of nature under your pup’s paws to help ease the change.

Regardless of the look of the fire hydrant and fence which are likely just for appearances, the Patio Park is a good solution to a pup in need of some natural plumbing, wherever they may be.

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