Considering a Puppy for Valentine’s Day?

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With Valentine’s Day nearing, there are those considering getting their partners a puppy as a gift. While this sounds great, there are a few things one should consider before buying one. After all, dog ownership is a lifelong responsibility, not a passing trend. So be prepared for what it means to be a dog owner before you give one out during Valentine’s.

The first and most important thing you need to do is ask yourself if you’re ready to take on the responsibilities of dog ownership. There are numerous things to consider before making such an important decision, all of which you need to carefully think through, even though you may have convinced yourself you want a dog in your life.

Life changing decision

There are certain tasks you’ll be faced with upon becoming a dog owner. The first and foremost is training. Do you have time to properly train them? Will you have enough time to spend with them and deliver the attention they’ll need to grow up happy and healthy? A dog is a life-changing addition to your life. You’ll need to know how to take care of them, especially when they’re sick, train them, and ensure that they get the exercise they need to keep their mind and body active.

Housing is one of the biggest hurdles for any dog owner. While more facilities are becoming dog friendly, there are often increased costs, such as rent and deposits that you need to be aware of. And keep in mind that it can be difficult to find housing unless you know what to look for, so be prepared to do some research (the online world makes it easy to find pet-friendly housing and locations).

Not all homes are dog friendly also. There are poisonous plants such as lilies that seem harmless but can be toxic, as well as appliances, cords, and even decorations that aren’t going to be your dog’s best friend. Be sure that your home is ready for a dog, to ensure their safety and the security of your belongings (couch cushions included).

It’s best to generate a checklist of things you’re going to need for your new dog. What foods will they require? Are you adopting a puppy or a senior dog? This will affect their diet and medical needs (shots and vaccinations). This list should also include housing, specifically- is your home dog-proof? Keep in mind that dogs, especially puppies, will want to chew on anything and everything they can get their paws on.

Because Valentine’s Day is such a lovers-oriented event, chocolate and assorted sweets are going to be popular. While these sweets are great for you, they aren’t so kind to your dog. You need to be aware of what your dog should and shouldn’t eat. Expansive lists are available online, and it’s always a good idea to consult with your veterinarian as well concerning healthy diet options for the pup.

Be financially prepared

Because dogs change your life in so many ways, financial costs are often overlooked. Be sure that you can afford all the costs that come with them. These would include veterinarian bills, medication, food, and housing. While they may seem like an initial costs, like starting up a hobby, they are ongoing, meaning that your dog is going to be a major part of your monthly or yearly budget. Also, be prepared for surprise visits to the vet as well.

This is where your list is going to help you plan for the additional expenses. Can you afford all these things? Do you have money saved for an emergency? What types of items are going to be new to your regular grocery list? Be prepared for the expenses and consider them before you bring a dog into your home.

While this Valentine’s Day may seem like a great opportunity to present your loved one with a pup or simply add a special someone into your own life, it’s imperative that you understand that owning a dog is a life-changing experience. And always remember that a dog isn’t a gift. It is the relationship the both of you share that is the true gift.

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