A Doggie-Proof Apartment

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As smart as dogs are, they still aren’t that smart. Because of this, it’s up to you to make sure your apartment is safe for your pet pooch.


Kitchen & Bathroom

  • Latch everything. The last thing you need is a curious canine getting into any of the cleaners.
  • Put all foods up and away. Even with a saran wrap exterior, your dog can smell just how delicious your left over muffin is. They will be tempted to eat it, wrapper and all.
  • Close the toilet lid. For the cleanliness of your home, just keep the lid down.


Living Room

  • Hide all cords. Thick or small, it doesn’t matter. Make sure they are hidden behind a sofa or locked away in an entertainment stand. Every dog owner has at least one story of what happened to the cord of their favorite electronic when met with the destructive might of a Jack Russell.



  • Put the shoes up. Even if your dog has never exhibited shoe madness, always play it safe. Plus, those laces are a severe choking hazard if swallowed.
  • Store any cosmetics, lotions or perfumes in a drawer. Again, their noses can get the better of them, especially if they’ve been bored in an apartment all day.


Garage (Optional)

  • Put all chemicals out of reach.
  • Make sure sharp tools are also out of reach. An excited search and sniff around this new area can yield new scars if not clear of dangerous debris.
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